Anubis Plugin - Merging Deesser

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Add-on Anubis plugin used to attenuate, reduce sibilance or harsh high-frequency sounds that come from dialogue, vocals, instruments or percussions. Sibilance is a type of sound that often seems harsh in the context of a recording. Typically, “S” and “T” are the worst offenders. The Merging+Deesser can also be used to remove the harshness of drums cymbals (Overhead mics).

The Merging+Deesser is available in the ultra-low latency Mixer of Anubis and ideal for singers tracking vocals live, it can also be used on mixes to remove harshness.


  • Intuitive UI and ease of operations
  • Supported from 44.1kHz up to 352.8kHz (DXD) and 384kHz.
  • Listen feature to isolate and monitor the target sibilant frequencies
  • Multiple Merging+Deesser instances supported per Anubis (from 4 to 20 depending of resources)
  • 18 Snapshots including 6 Factory Snapshots